Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Suit: Wands
Element: Fire
Function: The Will, Action, Creativity, and Initiation

A giant white luminous right hand reaches out from a cloud and holds a wand over the land. There’s a white castle in the distance, a fortress where the human powers that be over this land reside and rule.

But humans make their rules. The river that separates the hand and the castle shows that there is a current of emotion, of feeling and psychic charge that separates the two.

The laws of man aren’t necessary the laws of the universe. The hand clearly obeys the universe. For even though the hand comes out of nowhere, the wand is living. A wand is used to direct energy from one place or one plane to another. This one is pointing up, and the hand may be ready to use it.

Or, the hand is offering you this wand, and this chance, to follow your own rules and let the rules of humankind stay in the distance. You have to do what you know is right for you. And who knows? Perhaps someday, it’ll be you in the castle, ruling over the land.

The Ace of Wands is nothing shorter than a call to action. This is a push from the universe telling the querent to go for it. Do it, don’t think about it. At least, don’t over think it. The Ace of Wands tells the querent to go with their instinct, even if it runs counter to what the world tells them to do.

The Ace of Wands begins things. There is life on its wand for a reason: the suit of wands represents the life force, creativity, and the will to be and do. The Ace of Wands is the beginning or initial push to something creative or powerful, or just completely from one’s heart.

Wherever this card ends up in a spread, the querent or client is called to forge or create a new way. This isn’t a call to follow in someone else’s footsteps or to do what everyone has done. In fact, The Ace of Wands tells the querent to do what no one else they know has done before.

When Reversed:

When the Ace of Wands is reversed, the querent may be afraid of starting something new, even though they know that they absolutely must do it. They may be more of a follower who now has to figure out how to be a rebel.

It’s also possible that the querent wants to do something new but either doesn’t think they can or actually cannot at the time. Either there are real circumstances in the way, keeping them from forging their own path, or imagined ones.

The querent may be full of excuses as to why they can’t do whatever trailblazing thing they dream of doing. Chances are that those excuses are nothing but excuses, and that the querent is either afraid to take action, or simply doesn’t know how. It’s possible that the querent has no role models to show them the way.

In a three-card reading, this card means…

Past: In the past, the querent was enterprising and followed the beat of their own drum, taken the road “less traveled by.” This has led them to the present.

Present: Right now, the querent either wants to or is busting out, breaking the mold, and doing their own thing. Rebelling against the status quo is likely.

Future: In the future, everything the querent is doing now will lead up to a time when they can break free and do their own thing. This may be the reward of hard work, or the inevitable result of the work they’re doing now.

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