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Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles:

Suit: Pentacles
Element: Earth
Function: Possessions, riches, material things, practicality

Let’s not beat around the bush: this man clearly looks like an erect penis. He’s wearing a big red, tall hat, symbolizing passion and magic, and he has two pentacles in either hand, balanced in an infinity loop. This is no mistake.

He’s wearing orange and red, the colors of life, passion, enthusiasm, youth, and magic. The pentacles are in a green loop, the color of life. He balances on one foot, keeping his pentacles from falling even though there appears to be chaos behind him.

In the distance is an ocean with ships riding dangerously high waves, and they go up and down, jostled and turned, but the man doesn’t worry about them. After all, what can he do about it? The tides of life go in and out, the waves go up and down, and everyone has their own journey, including the ships.

And the man in the tall red hat doesn’t care. His back is turned to that big ocean of uncertainty. He’s worried about his own two pentacles and that’s it. He’s not adventurous and isn’t worried. If we consider that fact that the pentacles look like testicles, it makes sense: when all is said and done, what is actually the most precious thing in the world to this man? It’s the thing that helps him support and create life.

He’s keeping it together, and he’s worried about himself and what he has to do. This is all he can do, and all he can control. He has his things in balance, and he’s having a good time with them. Life is simple. He has focus. He keeps his pentacles up in the air.

It’s impossible to tell if he’s moving with the pentacles, or if the pentacles are moving with him. Perhaps they’re just both in harmony. In a way, he’s like the ships that tide the waves, in that it doesn’t matter who moves what, so long as things stay going perpetually.

He’s not struggling. He may even be playing. Perhaps he finds his task enjoyable and doesn’t mind having to keep his pentacles up off the ground. That’s good news, because his task will never end.

When the two of pentacles is Reversed:

When the Two of Pentacles is reversed, life is out of balance. The querent can’t juggle everything, and they’re either dropping the ball or they need to figure out what’s important and stop worrying about the things that don’t matter, or the things that are out of their control.

The querent may need to balance their budget, or their work and home life better, which may require focusing only on the tasks at hand.

The querent may also have an internal imbalance. They may be too mentally focused on one thing as opposed to another. They may be more concerned with what others think about them than what they think about themselves. They may also be clinging to outdated or ill-fitting notions or ideas and not balancing them with new ones that fit better.

In a three-card reading, this card means…

Past: In the past, the querent was able to juggle all of their demands and responsibilities such that they didn’t feel burdened. This is the attitude they bring with them in the present.

Present: Currently, the querent is keeping all things in balance and doing so with deft and ease.

In the future, things will come together for this querent so they’ll be able to at least handle everything on their plate.