The Star

The Star

The Star (XVII) represents hope and renewal. A naked woman kneels with one foot on land and another on the water, both replenishing the water reserves and nourishing the land, creating five rivers. In a tree in the distant right is an ibis bird, representing the Egyptian god Thoth, the god of magic, wisdom, and writing.

It appears to be twilight, and there are eight eight-pointed stars in the sky: seven small ones surrounding a large, golden one. The eight-pointed star represents hope and new beginnings.

The woman, who has nothing but water, gives her water and pours it into a dry lakebed and onto land, where plants begin to grow. Water represents the soul, the emotions, the inner being. This is all she has, and this she gives to the Earth in hopes that it helps to create something much better.

The woman has yellow hair, symbolizing knowledge. The tree of knowledge, from where the ibis watches, symbolizes the magick of pouring your soul into something in order to create something wonderful.

There is great clarity in this card, because it is simple. When there is nothing to lose, there is nothing to hold onto. The only thing left is hope, and hope is for nothing if it’s not shared or invested.

When a client or querent draws the Star card, it shows that the querent is ready to do something with their lives that didn’t previously seem imaginable. They’re hopeful and ready to start over. A star is guiding them, so to speak.

The querent may be very optimistic, and they may actually have nothing to lose if they go forward with whatever plans or dreams they have. They haven’t become children again, but they have made the affirmative decision to be hopeful and open to the gifts the universe gives.

For the querent, there may be contentment or even euphoria, like walking on a cloud, or discovering the beauty of being alive. It may even feel a bit like falling in love with life.

It may also indicate a time where the querent realizes what talents and skills they have and what they have to offer the world. They may be drawn to more humanitarian endeavors, too.

When the Star card is Reversed:

When the Star is reversed, the querent is at a loss for hope, or isn’t sure what they actually want. They’re not in touch with their gut feelings, and what they’re aiming for isn’t really what they’re supposed to do in this life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re losing, but that they’re stagnating.

The Star reversed can also mean that the querent is uneasy with the decisions they’ve made. It’s possible that they’ve chosen to do something for the sake of others, or because it seems like a good idea.

This card reversed can also indicate a person who has simply lost their zest for life and is going through the motions. They may no idea what they truly want because they’ve ignored their inner voice.

In a three-card reading, this card means…

Past: In the past, the querent was inspired to make lemonade from lemons, and in doing so, created something wonderful from very little. They could do it again if they must.

Present: Right now, the querent is at the cusp of doing something wonderful with their lives. They have hope and faith that this will not only work out, but also lead them in the direction of a fulfilling life.

Future: Whatever the querent is experiencing right now will open up to a time of renewal in which they have faith once again and are inspired to put themselves out in the world and share their unique gifts.

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