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Cedric Grant Bouchard Interview

Interview with Cedric Grant Bouchard:

When did you first realize you were psychic?

It’s always been in my blood, in one way or another. Both my father’s side and my mother’s side. In the alpine village my grandfather came from, there were quite a few families of psychics, readers, and healers. I guess you could call it an enclave for traditional arts. I have no idea how long they’d be then there, but if I were to guess, at least some time since the Middle Ages. There wasn’t much love for psychics and healers back then, so they stayed in their own corner of the world until hard times forced them out. They took a boat to New York, and the rest was history.

My grandfather started training me to use my skills when he saw them start to come out. Usually he’d start with something like meditation and getting me to focus, and then he’d move to games, like guessing the card from a playing deck or trying to recall my dreams to see what they mean.

What skills did you have as a child?

First it was the prophetic dreams. Sometimes they were small things, like dreaming about my different tarot clients who might come to my mother’s parlor, or that the farm next door got a new horse. Sometimes, I might dream of something more important, like someone close to me falling ill, and the departed, who may contact me to ask for help.
Did you work in the family business?

No. I went to college and put it off for a long time. It’s not easy to do this for a living, and I saw how hard it could be for family. I grew up in the North Country near the Canadian border. It was very provincial, and so were the attitudes. Sometimes, they’d come in secretly on Saturday night so their neighbors didn’t see them, and then they’d still talk about my family when they went to church that Sunday morning. Between the two of them, I think they helped most folks between Au Sable Forks and Montreal. 

So no, I didn’t plan to stick around. We had a small farm, and frankly, I wanted to stop getting up at the crack of dawn to milk goats. I went to school in Buffalo with the youthful determination to blend in, only to realize I couldn’t.

What happened?

I was outed at Lily Dale by a psychic. Actually, it’s funny now, but it was devastating back then. I guess she could tell pretty easily. And I was pretty sharp by then. I could always tell before asking a girl out if she’d say no. And I was right most of the time.

I worked in publishing locally for a little while and took clients on the side slowly until I realized this was in my blood, and frankly, it was more enjoyable than working in an office. If imagine most psychically sensitive people have trouble with conventional workspaces. The people, the noises – it has to be draining on everyone, but I was exhausted as soon as I arrived. After a few incidents, I realized I couldn’t hide who I was, so I started doing the circuit, visiting psychic fairs and renting shops. I saw a lot of America from one coast to another.

What was your favorite place?

South Florida. I live here full time now. It was tough choice. At heart, I’m a country boy but life without snow is nice. I find the sunshine psychically invigorating. I feel strongest here. The colors, the sights, and the scents: everything is amplified and I find that even reading tarot is easier.

Tell us about your tarot practice.

My mom taught me how to read tarot when I was a kid. For me, it was more of a chore, a thing I had to do. While the other kids around me were being taught to get ready for First Communion and Confirmation, I was learning about the major and minor arcana. It was a rite of passage and initiation.

You also do astrology. Tell us about that.

Astrology is a lot like the tarot. Both deal with archetypes and themes inherent in human existence. I start doing astrology as an adult, and I use it in every type of reading I do, in one way or another. It’s the map and timestamp of the universe. We’re spirits with free will, but we’re also creatures who live by the cycles of our planet and the universe. No matter what happens to people, it will happen according to the parameters already set forth. After all, river doesn’t carve a path over mountains but between them. Astrology is the blueprint and schedule for all things.

Tell us about your reading style.

I prefer to keep it simple. Giving a reading is like being an interpreter in a conversation between a human being and the universe. There’s no need to make it more complicated; in fact, it’s up to you to make the parties understand what the other is saying. I don’t like muddling readings up with New Age talk or convoluted ideas. People don’t want to be talked to in concepts. They want real advice.

Are Tarot Cards Scary? No ofcourse not

Death, the Tower, and The Others: The Bright Side of the Scary Cards of the Tarot

The Tarot is not a collection of 72 pats on the back. The major and minor arcana represent all of the possible experiences a human may have, both good and bad. No one’s is a one-way trajectory into Heaven, so it makes sense that there are cards that indicate loss, sorrow, frustration, doubt, fear, anger, conflict, and weakness. After all, everyone experiences these, and no one has a completely charmed life.

Some of these cards as scarier than others, and some of these cards just have a bad reputation. However, they are all good.

The Major Arcana: The Hanged Man, Death, The Devil, and The Tower are all good cards. Trust me.

If you look at tarot through a religious dichotomy of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, you’ll miss the spiritual textures and nuances of the tarot. It’s not moral relativism either, but an acceptance of the fact that with every light comes a shadow, and that we tend to focus on one or the other, and stand in either the light or the shadow at any given time. Anyone who has worked outdoors on a hot day in the summer knows how great it is to stand under the shade of a tree.

So, when these cards come up, it doesn’t necessarily mean doom, gloom, and destruction. Okay, well, that’s what The Tower literally means, but it doesn’t mean that your life will forever be in shambles until it ends. It means that the life you have now, and what you think your life is and who you are is about to transform completely, and it can’t transform without a few growing pains.

Scary Major Arcana Cards represent the very scary precipice of complete and total transformation. After all, a butterfly can’t emerge without breaking the chrysalis. At some point, your attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and approaches to life no longer work and you have no choice but to change. Whatever you’re asking about will not be the same after this.

Are you going to accept or fight change? All the kids who wrote in your high school yearbook that you should never change were WRONG. You should change. You must change. To be human is to change. No one should stay the same, have the same dreams, have the same likes and dislikes, or have the same desires. To cling to your youthful desires is to never grow up. To never grow up is to never reach your potential and to never live a full life.

The Minor Arcana: If You Want to Surf, Ride the Waves. If You Want to Drown, Fight Them.

The minor arcana don’t deal with major life themes or changes, but rather the more ordinary and the everyday. However, all the little things that happen over the course of one’s life will definitely accumulate and create a movement toward a major change. An avalanche is made up of millions of snowflakes. Think of the minor arcana cards as representative of the snowflakes and the major arcana cards as representative of the avalanche.

So, when scary minor arcana cards come up, indicating sorrow and loss, or more complex negative situations, like social tension, or being forced to wait, it’s indicating the small things that will happen in life that require an adjustment. Like surfing, you don’t need to make huge changes in the way you stand or the direction you’re in, but subtle ones that work with the movement of the water.

Scary minor arcana cards indicate the subtle shifts and changes you have to navigate in order to stay on track. There is simply no way you can go through life without some adversity. You don’t have to go out and find it. Simply having the audacity to be yourself without shame is enough to create challenges. This is especially true if you’re creative or bold in any way and are stuck in a place in the world in which conformity is the order of things.

Even hardship can bring joy, if you know how to make joy. Why do people create drama and conflict, and why is it always people who have nothing else going on in their lives who decide to make things harder for everyone else? Humans need a degree of harshness in their lives. This is how we evolved: we became what we are because we were conditioned to adversity and to overcoming it. Our brains don’t work with bliss. We’re not jellyfish floating gently by in the tide. We’re fighters by nature.

So, what do you do when a scary card comes up?

You embrace it and you figure out what to do with it. In order to create, something else must be destroyed. Unless you’ve asked a very, very specific question, you may not know what you could do to work with the energy of a scary card. This means that you have the opportunity to be creative in order to solve your problem. Pending financial shortages? Maybe it’s time to be bold and start a side gig or business. Problems with friends? Maybe you need to meet new people.

But the very worst thing you could do is wallow in your fear. Take your gift and do something creative.

Don’t shop around tarot readers

Avoiding the Temptation of Shopping Around for the Answer You Want and Learning to Work With the Answer You Have

So, you got a reading, but it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. So, you get another one. That one doesn’t tell you exactly what you want to hear either. In fact, it may tell you something different. So, you get another one, and that one is different from the other two. You’re completely confused. You think you’ve been cheated, ripped off, bamboozled.

Or maybe you created this situation by trying to bargain-shop for destiny.

Each time you go for a reading, you alter some course, some path, which alters the future. The more you dwell on your need or want, the less likely you’ll actually get what you want, and the more likely something else may happen. Here’s how to avoid doing that by learning to invest in one reading and learning to work with that one reading.

Come to the reading with no expectations. One of the ways a client accidentally ruins their own reading is by coming to it expecting a certain answer to be given in a certain way. A tarot reading isn’t an elaborate ritual to give you permission to do what you want, or assure you that you’ll get what you want. It’s asking the universe what happened, what happens now, and what will happen. If you knew these things already, then what’s the point of getting a reading anyway?

It’s okay to want or need things. It’s okay to want or need things badly. However, you have to take a step back and realize that in life, you can’t always have what you want. Sure, there are people who will give you exactly what you want, but that comes at a price. In that case…

…Go to a tarot reader you trust and connect with. Honesty costs more than flattery. Sure, you can get someone to tell you pretty things and take your money. Now, everyone needs honest encouragement and kindness. This isn’t flattery. Unless it’s absolutely true that the sky’s the limit for you, then no one reader should tell you that. You know you’re not perfect, and that nothing comes with absolute ease. A tarot reader shouldn’t try to convince you otherwise.

Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect any kindness. That would be insane, and chances are that a reader who doesn’t know how to talk to people isn’t going to be in business for too long. But you should be given a reason to trust your reader.

Be open to whatever happens in life, knowing you’ll be okay. You’re a big boy or big girl now. You can handle it when life hands you lemons. One of the biggest hurdles you have to get over is realizing that sometimes, even if you do your best, even if you lay your plans well and execute them exactly, you may still fail. Your effort, determination, and desires may not necessarily lead to success. Even if you fail, you probably aren’t going to fall apart. There are people who deal with crushing disappointments who still regroup and move on.

This is often seen in the case of divorces or failing relationships. Tarot card readers have dealt with their fair share of readings dealing with marriages that are falling apart. The person in front of them may either want to save a sinking ship or continue to go down with it. They’re not the same person they will be in the future, when they love again, and are happier and healthier people. They’re the person despairing over their failing marriage. They don’t want to hear that things won’t work out, even though it’s for the best if they don’t work out.

But you’d be surprised how much a person can live through and find a way to thrive if they want to thrive. Ask yourself: do you want to thrive, and are you willing to try under any circumstance? If so, you can take whatever comes your way.

Accept that life is both sweet and bitter, and you can’t have one without the other. After all, life isn’t a sitcom. Problems don’t resolve themselves in half an hour. Bills have to be paid. People get sick, they get old, and they die. This is life. And things that aren’t so great will happen to you, too. And a tarot card reader may very well pick up on something not so nice happening. Wouldn’t you rather know it and face it than stick your head in the sand and keep asking until someone tells you something different?

Readers are human. We can tell when someone really, really wants us to tell them something in particular. We can also tell when someone has been shopping around for different answers. Sometimes, clients will just flat out tell us this.

This puts us in a very unique dilemma. We have a loyalty to the truth. However, we also want to make you happy and help you. We know that if you’re going to shut your ears to the truth, you’re not going to get anything out of the reading. So, we may sugarcoat the truth. Now, some of us may sugarcoat it more than others. Some of us may lay it on so thickly that we end up covering up the truth entirely. For each reading, another coat of sugar.

The problem is that the truth is still there; you just don’t realize it until it’s too late. It’s better to face it now, shore up your courage, and go bravely into your life, isn’t it?