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Avoiding the Temptation of Shopping Around for the Answer You Want and Learning to Work With the Answer You Have

So, you got a reading, but it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. So, you get another one. That one doesn’t tell you exactly what you want to hear either. In fact, it may tell you something different. So, you get another one, and that one is different from the other two. You’re completely confused. You think you’ve been cheated, ripped off, bamboozled.

Or maybe you created this situation by trying to bargain-shop for destiny.

Each time you go for a reading, you alter some course, some path, which alters the future. The more you dwell on your need or want, the less likely you’ll actually get what you want, and the more likely something else may happen. Here’s how to avoid doing that by learning to invest in one reading and learning to work with that one reading.

Come to the reading with no expectations. One of the ways a client accidentally ruins their own reading is by coming to it expecting a certain answer to be given in a certain way. A tarot reading isn’t an elaborate ritual to give you permission to do what you want, or assure you that you’ll get what you want. It’s asking the universe what happened, what happens now, and what will happen. If you knew these things already, then what’s the point of getting a reading anyway?

It’s okay to want or need things. It’s okay to want or need things badly. However, you have to take a step back and realize that in life, you can’t always have what you want. Sure, there are people who will give you exactly what you want, but that comes at a price. In that case…

…Go to a tarot reader you trust and connect with. Honesty costs more than flattery. Sure, you can get someone to tell you pretty things and take your money. Now, everyone needs honest encouragement and kindness. This isn’t flattery. Unless it’s absolutely true that the sky’s the limit for you, then no one reader should tell you that. You know you’re not perfect, and that nothing comes with absolute ease. A tarot reader shouldn’t try to convince you otherwise.

Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect any kindness. That would be insane, and chances are that a reader who doesn’t know how to talk to people isn’t going to be in business for too long. But you should be given a reason to trust your reader.

Be open to whatever happens in life, knowing you’ll be okay. You’re a big boy or big girl now. You can handle it when life hands you lemons. One of the biggest hurdles you have to get over is realizing that sometimes, even if you do your best, even if you lay your plans well and execute them exactly, you may still fail. Your effort, determination, and desires may not necessarily lead to success. Even if you fail, you probably aren’t going to fall apart. There are people who deal with crushing disappointments who still regroup and move on.

This is often seen in the case of divorces or failing relationships. Tarot card readers have dealt with their fair share of readings dealing with marriages that are falling apart. The person in front of them may either want to save a sinking ship or continue to go down with it. They’re not the same person they will be in the future, when they love again, and are happier and healthier people. They’re the person despairing over their failing marriage. They don’t want to hear that things won’t work out, even though it’s for the best if they don’t work out.

But you’d be surprised how much a person can live through and find a way to thrive if they want to thrive. Ask yourself: do you want to thrive, and are you willing to try under any circumstance? If so, you can take whatever comes your way.

Accept that life is both sweet and bitter, and you can’t have one without the other. After all, life isn’t a sitcom. Problems don’t resolve themselves in half an hour. Bills have to be paid. People get sick, they get old, and they die. This is life. And things that aren’t so great will happen to you, too. And a tarot card reader may very well pick up on something not so nice happening. Wouldn’t you rather know it and face it than stick your head in the sand and keep asking until someone tells you something different?

Readers are human. We can tell when someone really, really wants us to tell them something in particular. We can also tell when someone has been shopping around for different answers. Sometimes, clients will just flat out tell us this.

This puts us in a very unique dilemma. We have a loyalty to the truth. However, we also want to make you happy and help you. We know that if you’re going to shut your ears to the truth, you’re not going to get anything out of the reading. So, we may sugarcoat the truth. Now, some of us may sugarcoat it more than others. Some of us may lay it on so thickly that we end up covering up the truth entirely. For each reading, another coat of sugar.

The problem is that the truth is still there; you just don’t realize it until it’s too late. It’s better to face it now, shore up your courage, and go bravely into your life, isn’t it?

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