Telling Real Psychics From Fake Psychics

Telling Real Psychics From Fake Psychics

Psychics are highly sought-after because of the advice and guidance they give to people. With many bothered and wondering about what the future holds, many of them have turned to the psychics because of the latter’s ability to look into the future. As much as psychics as highly regarded and they are revered for most accuracy of their predictions, doubts still linger in the minds of some people. Now that the fake psychics have joined the game, it becomes a little bit difficult to differentiate the real from the fake.

How to Tell if a Psychic is Real or Not
You are not a psychic – so how can you find out if one is real or not? It will interest you to know that there are many ways to find out if your psychic is more interested in the cash and gifts you are offering than clairvoyance.
Here are some of the differences that separate the real psychics from the fake ones:

1. Speaking Slowly
One of the major ways to determine if a psychic is genuine or not is by checking the manner of speech.
Ideally, there are two ways to check this. The first is to check if the psychic is speaking slowly. The other is to determine if the psychic speaks faster.
There have been many reports and counter-reports that support both perspectives. You may want to check out with different psychics to convince yourself further.
On the one hand, it is believed that a psychic that speaks faster is real because he has all the information that you need. The psychic doesn’t have to pause for a while to hear your response so you will give more clues that will help the psychic defraud you.
On the other hand, some good reasons support why a psychic that speaks slowly is considered a hoax and into fraudulent activities. In this case, such a psychic speaks slowly so he can monitor your reactions to what he says.
For example, the psychic may go along this line, “You’ve been hurt so much.” If you begin to let out silent sobs or get a bit emotional, it indicates to the psychic that you have really been hurt. That also urges the psychic to keep pushing on with some deliberate slow speeches until he hits the point of your pain.

2. Generalizing Issues
A real psychic goes straight to the point without having to beat around the bush. It is a popular opinion that a psychic that worth his onion already knows the problems or challenges you have even when you haven’t uttered a word to that effect.
Hence, you can tell the difference between a real psychic and a fake one by looking at how issues are generalized. Instead of addressing you this way, “You have a heart problem,” the psychic may go this way, “I am seeing a heart problem.”
So, if it turns out that you don’t have a heart problem, the psychic will still be considered right because the statement was vague and not targeted at you.

3. Understanding the Client
No one would visit a psychic if he or she didn’t have a problem. And the psychic will always want people to patronize the service. So, it two-way traffic!
One important factor that you must look for to determine if a psychic is real or not is the understanding of your problem.
If the psychic starts to make claims that do not in any way replicate the issue/problem you have, it is obvious that you are dealing with a hoax.
How to Find out Fake Psychics Experience, they say, is the best teacher. But, there are some experiences you don’t wish to have in the first place.
We wouldn’t want you to become a victim of the antics and tricks of fake psychics. Therefore, read the tips below to learn about the most common tricks used by

    fake psychics:

Gathering Information About You
Well, this clue shouldn’t be surprising to you because it is one of the oldest tricks used by fake psychics. And in this age that the Internet and digital media are common, it is easier to get enough information about you.
So, the Number 1 thing that fake psychics to thrill you is to gather enough information about you. It wouldn’t be a tough task, because all that is to be done is to check your Social Media accounts. More often than not, you are overwhelmed by emotions and burden and try to put it out there to get cheap pity from people.
In some other cases, these fake psychics employ the services of third-parties to monitor your activities and report back to them. That way, your needs are understood ahead of time and when you come calling, the fake psychics will easily release them to your astonishment.

Being Vague
Fake psychics are neither here nor there. They simply make vague claims and wait for your reaction to determine if the claims are right or wrong.
If the claims are right, the fake psychics will proceed to make another claim that supports the first until you give enough signals for the psychic to arrive at your challenge.

Otherwise, fake psychics have a way of backtracking or taking back their words. If the claim were to be that you have a friend who doesn’t like you and it turns out your friends love you very much, the fake psychic can always backtrack to say that it is a friend to one of your friends that is making the latter to hate you.

How to Find a Trustworthy Psychic
In a world filled with deception, it may be hard to find out who a real and fake psychic is.
But, if you are really interested in using a psychic or medium, here are some of the ways to find the one that won’t scam you:
• Check for testimonials, referrals, and what other people are saying. If more people will be happy to recommend a psychic, it means that the psychic is real and good at what he does.
• Define the type of psychic you want to consult. When you have set your expectations, it becomes easier to find the best and real psychic because you have filtered out some of the clues that can attract a fake psychic.
• Avoid a psychic that asks a lot of questions because he or she may be doing all that to extract important information from you.
• Be suspicious of a psychic that gives conditions, such as asking you to wait for a specific time or make return visits to the psychic’s before you get the results you need.


Psychics or mediums can be the channel you need to communicate with the other world and get answers to some problems you may be having.
You only need to understand how psychics operate and how to differentiate between the good and the bad so you can tell the genuine one.
How do you know a psychic that is real?



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