About Me

My name is Cedric Grant Bouchard and I’ve been a psychic and tarot reader for a long time. The rumors you may read online about me are true, my wife did twist my arm to get me to finally put up a website and start working from home more often. Granted I still enjoy traveling pretty frequently, as I truly enjoy doing in person readings. However, if you can’t find time to meet me in person you can always reach me online for a psychic reading.

I guess you could say I was born into this line of work, being a descendent from the Bouchard family of psychics, hailing from the French Alps. My family were well known in the region, We often were traveling to Italy and Monaco to work. When I moved to America, I was trained under my grandfather and my mother, a descendent from ancient healers who escaped medieval witch trials.

I currently offers many different types of readings, including psychic readings, custom meditations, numerology readings, astrological readings, 12-month forecasts, tarot card readings, and workshops and classes. As I mentioned earlier, you can also book me for a private reading when I travel into your town.

I put together this Tarot Card Resource more as a passion project than anything. I feel like their is not many good websites out there offering actual tarot card information. I get asked nearly everyday ‘what does this card mean?’ or ‘is the death card bad’ or ‘what does this card mean when its reversed’ So little by little I will continue to work on this site making it a resource for anyone interested in tarot.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments, article ideas or more. Or maybe you just have tarot questions, I love answering those also. Please keep in mind my time is limited and I will not do free readings etc.

Cedric Grant Bouchard