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Six of Wands

Six of Wands:

Suit: Wands
Element: Fire
Function: The Will, Action, Creativity, and Initiation

A man wearing a laurel wreath, symbolizing wisdom, rides a white horse robed in green. Green symbolizes the energy of life, and white symbolizes purity. The man wears red, the color of life. His wand has a circular wreath on it, symbolizing completion.

He’s flanked with young men who hold up their own wands in salute. This man is being recognized for his achievements and his ability to bring the people together. It’s possible that what he’s bringing together are the young men from the Five of Wands who all seemed to be at cross-purposes from each other.

A leader has emerged, and he’s been successful at getting them all to focus and combine their energy, even if for now, that energy and focus is entirely on him. He’s a role model in a sense, riding high on his white horse, wearing the laurel wreath of a scholar, showing them the way.

The Sixth of Wands is triumph over adversity, and being lauded for doing so. This is recognition for a job well done for bringing together people or ideas. The querent’s unique set of skills and talents bring them to a place where others recognize them especially for those talents and skills.

Of course, The Sixth of Wands can also indicate letting some of that appreciation go to one’s head. The querent may be basking in the limelight and doing more basking than working. Time will tell whether this is a phase and the querent will get off their high horse and back to work, or if this is how the querent operates.

The Sixth of Wands is also recognizing that one has done well and accepting the praise and recognition that comes with being very good at something. Instead of shying away and finding ways to criticize one’s self, the Sixth of Wands tells the querent to accept praise where praise is due and to be grateful for having any good light cast upon them.

The good opinion of other people is paramount to The Sixth of Wands. The man is nothing but a man on a horse without the five other men near him holding up their wands in honor to him.

When Reversed:

When the sixth of wands is reversed, the querent is less humble and more arrogant about their accomplishments. They may also believe that they deserve praise when it’s unwarranted or that they should continue to get praise well after they’ve already gotten the praise due to them.

The Sixth of Wands can also indicate that querent isn’t getting praise for what they should be praised for. Someone else has stolen the credit, or they’ve been overlooked. It’s possible that the querent is humble, but if the Sixth of Wands is reversed, it’s more indicative of a person who allows themselves to be walked over.

Someone or something may be making the querent feel inferior and less capable than the querent actually is: they may be square pegs in round holes where they are.

In a three-card reading, this card means…

Past: In the past, the querent was recognized for a job well done, and probably cultivated a good reputation because of it. That reputation is probably the one they have now.

Present: Right now, the querent is being recognized for a job well done. They’re being praised not just for what they did, but who they are and the unique set of talents they have.

Future: Soon, the querent will be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments and get the public recognition they deserve.