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The Magician

Tarot Card Meaning: The Magician

The Magician stands surrounded by red roses and a few white lilies. The roses are red and green, the colors of life. The symbolize magick. The lilies are white and symbolize purity. Here, the purity is one of intention, as the magician fixes his gaze and points his baton up to the heavens with his right hand, while pointing down to Earth with his left. As above, so below.

The four symbols of the minor arcana – a sword, a pentacle, a cup, and a wand, are placed at the table at his right, the side of literal righteousness. The infinity sign hovers over his head, and likewise, an ouroboros holds tight around his waist.

The Magician represents the ability to bridge the world of the spirit to the physical one. The Fool began the spiritual journey by standing at the edge of the world, and The Magician furthers it. All the tools of life are on its table, ready for use. The Magician is cunning, resourceful, determined, and focused. He knows how to make things happen because he has the skills to unite all the elements. He has quiet confidence that what he wills will eventually be. He isn’t looking above or below, but straight ahead toward the future.

The Magician is a primary indicator of creativity. This card can represent a facet of life in which the querent is creative is creative in not just solving problems, but creative in general.

When The Magician card is drawn, it tells the client or querent where they are masters. It shows an area of life where one has some sort of mastery, and where they can control and manipulate their circumstances. Here, the person is not only in control of what is, but can create and form something new. This card can indicate mastery of skills, talents, and academic achievements. This is success.

It’s also manipulation. When the card is right side up, it’s not with ill will or malice that one manipulates. It shows where a person is persuasive and can make people see things their way. It’s also where someone can mediate between two worlds to create either something new.

When Reversed:

The Magician reversed shows the dark side of the magician. This is where one is either manipulative in a malevolent way, or where they abuse their power and skills to take control of others. The upside down magician shows where someone isn’t actually a master, or skilled, but pretends to be so. This is an indication of a con, or feeling like a phony.

The Magician reversed can show were a person knows they lack skills, but tries to avoid this coming to light by creating distractions, blaming others, or constructing elaborate lies. This is someone who manipulates other’s emotions and minds to compensate for what they lack. On this note, it can also indicate a person in the querent’s life who is currently doing this, and someone they should either watch out for or flee from.




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