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The Sun

The Sun

The Sun (XIX) beautiful and bright with tendrils and beams reaching out, looks serenely on as a young child with flowers in his hair rides a white stallion away from a white wall.

The child has triumphed over the white wall. Everything that has happened before is on the other side, where it can’t haunt or hurt the child. This child is not really so young though: this is the spirit born again, renewed and given another shot at life.

The child is naked and has nothing to hide. The child has a feather in his hair, showing that he’s accomplished a certain portion of his life. He doesn’t hold reins or the horse’s mane, and yet he’s in no danger of falling off.

He holds an orange banner, showing triumph over both the limitations of the body and its needs and the limitations of pure thought. He is now ready for action, with all confidence and optimism of a triumphant man.

Behind the boy grows a row of sunflowers. It was once believed that sunflowers grow in the direction of the sun. Here, they don’t grow facing the sun above them, but facing the child, who embodies the purity, vitality, and exuberance of the sun. There are four of them, representing the four suits of the minor arcana: wands, pentacles, cups, and swords.

When a client or querent draws The Sun card, it’s indicative of a triumph or success. It was hard-fought, hard earned, or hard-won, and now the querent can shed the baggage of the previous struggles and start over again in a new direction.

Life is good, even great. It wasn’t handed to the querent on a silver platter, but it is good. There is a sense of well-deserved happiness and prosperity. This card could indicate both personal and financial prosperity, as well as good health, and possibly fertility.

The Sun card could literally mean the arrival of a child, through pregnancy or adoption.

When the Sun card is Reversed:

The Sun card reversed can either mean that a person has gone from so confident and innocent that they’ve chosen to become naïve all over again, or that they can’t trust a good thing when they see it.

If the querent is too confident, they may think this phase of life lasts forever. While they remember to enjoy it, they refuse to see when it’s time to hunker down and be a grown-up again.

On the other hand, if the querent refuses to trust the good times, then all the sweetness of life seems to pass them by, and they have a dark cloud over their head all the time.

The querent may also be experiencing a lack of confidence that doesn’t have a rational basis. They may be afraid of trying new things or making dreams come true, but doesn’t have a reason to fear them. They may be quite good at whatever they wish to do, but just won’t take the next step to put themselves out there in the world.

In a three-card reading, this card means…

Past: The querent has recently experienced a time of great confidence, optimism, and possibly prosperity. They’ve probably surmounted serious obstacles and have come out with a new point-of-view and a desire to take on the world.

Present: Right now, the querent is enjoying a hard-earned bout of self-confidence and good times. They’re accomplishing things and reaping the rewards. They’re also staying positive and hopeful for the future.

Future: In the future, the querent is going to get over whatever obstacles are in their way, making those obstacles a distant memory when they triumph spectacularly. All their troubles will be over, and they can finally relax and walk in the sunshine.