The Qualities of the Swords Arcana

The Qualities of the Swords Arcana

Each of the minor arcana suits represents different facets of human experience. They each represent a set of activities or experiences that are reactive or active, depending on whether they’re expressed out in the world or kept inside.

Swords: Swords is about using the higher mind in order to make sense of the world and choose the best options.

Intellect: Intellect is what separates humans from animals. We can form thoughts that are conceptual, that do not rely on physical structures or limitations to make them real. It’s the application of thought to what exists and using thought to change the material world or cause others to deal with the material world in a certain way.

The Mind: The mind, as opposed to the emotions, is the part where the personality is formed. It’s also known as the ego. This is not just intelligence, but also the ability to think, reason, and rationalize. This is where we make decisions based on what we want and what is available to us, and how we adapt to limitations or abundance.

Truth: Universal truth is the quality of what actually is despite how others see it through whatever point of view they may have or what emotions they have. This is higher truth, absolute truth, and not momentary or personal truth. It’s what is real no matter what anyone thinks.

Objectivity: Objectivity is the ability to look at things squarely and not through the lens of emotion or desire. It’s the quality required for doing what is best for everyone or for the situation. It’s required to be fair and to be civilized.