Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Suit: Pentacles
Element: Earth
Function: Possessions, riches, material things, practicality

A determined young man in his gleaming, white armor sits on a black horse facing East. He holds on pentacle in his hand. The horse and the knight wear red, the color of passion. The horse is black, the color of sobriety and seriousness. In the distance are plowed fields. The knight holds the reins and looks forward.

The plowed fields symbolize the possibilities before the knight. The seeds are planted; now, it’s time to care for them and wait. This is the time after the first spark of inspiration and after the first baby steps toward the goal. Whereas the Page of Pentacles has the dream, the knight is the one actually making it happen and making the commitment to try to make the dream come true.

This is the long haul, and the knight braces for it. He’s almost daring someone or something to test him and let him show them what he’s made of, because he is made of tough stuff…or so he thinks. No one knows for sure.

Thus, this stubborn man protects and watches over his plowed fields, waiting for them to bear fruit. His horse has a sprig of oak leaves on his forehead, symbolizing resilience and bravery. The knight has to be brave, as he faces the unknown. It isn’t known if there’s anyone around who wishes to challenge him. However, there are forces out of his control, like the weather, and water, and pests that could get in the way of a fruitful crop.

The Knight of Pentacles is about being determined, even to the point of being stubborn. It’s about staying the course, seeing things through thick and thin. The knight makes a choice and acts on it. It chooses a plot, ploughs it, and then stays put, seeing the growing cycle through. Thus, the knight of pentacles is about making a commitment to the dream that the page of pentacles had.

This card can also mean working hard, almost obsessively, and eschewing pleasures and fun while trying to see things through. The knight is focused entirely on what is real and what is practical. It’s vigilant, but it’s also so dead serious that others would find him too intense and boring.

When the Knight of Pentacles is Reversed:

When this card is reversed, the querent is usually struggling to take that first step or plant that first seed. They lack motivation and focus, or they make lack the resources to do so. They may also be too stuck in the dreams to really handle the details and dirty work or trying to make them happen.

It’s also possible that they’re still too interested in impressing people to really see their endeavors through to the end.

Things always sound wonderful when successful but not so great when they’re still underway. The querent may be easily discouraged when others don’t share their enthusiasm. The querent is still looking for external motivation and validation. Jealous people, or threatened by their possible material success, criticize them, and they listen.

In a three-card reading, this card means…

Past: In the past, the querent worked doggedly toward their goal, alone, and without any support.

Present: Currently, the querent may lead a mundane existence focusing entirely on the work of manifesting a goal.

Future: In the future, the querent will put fun on a shelf, roll up their sleeves, and start to make their dreams a reality, even if it’s tedious.

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