Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Suit: Cups
Element: Water
Function: Emotions, love, spirituality, imagination

Who could be more satisfied than the man with the nine cups? He’s the picture of pure satisfaction, sitting with his legs open and his arms crossed. He dares you to challenge him. He’s got nine cups in an arch around him and a smile on his face. And it’s more than material wealth: he has emotional and spiritual wealth as well. There’s nothing more he wants or needs. He’s figured it out, and he has true fulfillment.

He wears a red hat, the hat of a merchant. He has passion, and he earned his cups. He wears white, the color of purity. His contentment is pure; there is no pretense here. His shoes are yellow, the color of intellect. It is on his intelligence that he managed to get here. And the cups sit on an arch covered in a blue cloth, the color of the mind and spirit. His wealth cannot rust or rot, because his wealth is part of him. It’s of him.

His deepest desires have been fulfilled, and now all he has to do is be happy. He isn’t greedy. He’s got his cups out on a display, and he’s not holding them close. He isn’t afraid of being robbed. He wants to share his accomplishments. The fact that his cups are on a table that appears to lay them out for the taking and for admiration also brings to mind the natural generosity of those who have plenty and aren’t worried that their resources will run out.

Thus, the Nine of Cups is the contentment and satisfaction one has with life when all areas of life are going well: mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, professional, romantic, social, physical, and sexual. It’s the celebration and humble gratitude that things are going well, and that one has had to work hard to make them happen. Surely, things will go well when this card shows up, and what one wants, one will get.

The Nine of Cups isn’t fleeting pleasure, but real satisfaction with life, of getting what one truly wants. This isn’t gluttony or greed, though to some, it can look like that. In fact, how one feels about the Nine of Cups reflects how they feel about their ability to get what they want.

When the nine of cups is Reversed:

When the Nine of Cups is reversed, it can definitely mean that someone isn’t getting what they want and are disappointed. However, it moreover signifies that the querent either doesn’t know how to get what they want, has tried and failed, or that there is something actually get in their way other than themselves.

This card reversed can also indicate someone who seems to have it all but feels that something is missing. They may be poseurs of success, putting on airs, or they may have addiction or obsessions with one area of life. They may appear to be successful, but cope with the stress by overindulging in one area of life, to the detriment of all of the others.

In a three-card reading, this card means…

Past: In the past, the querent was successful in all areas of life, finding balance and contentment, and enjoying their good fortune, sure it would never run out.

Present: Currently, the querent is enjoying success and good fortune and is very satisfied with their lot in life.

Future: In the future, the querent will acquire all they dream of, and will take the time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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