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Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

Suit: Swords
Element: Air
Function: Intellect, the mind,truth, objectivity

The only one who isn’t afraid when the Knight of Swords charges is the Knight of Swords, because even his horse is unsure what’s going on, and if they’ll survive. The Knight of Swords is on the fine line between bravery and foolhardiness. He’s bearing his teeth. His sword is up. One can imagine that he’s making a battle cry as his horse, that is less sure about what they’re doing, gallops forward at his command.

The horse is white, the color of purity, so even if purity is a little apprehensive, you know that they’re going where angels fear to tread. The saddle and bridle are decorated with red birds and yellow butterflies, indicating that the purely passionate and purely transformational nature of his actions and desires. And that may be at the very heart of the problem. He may just foolish enough tot get hurt badly, or he may just be foolish enough to make it. He’s betting 100% on the latter. After all, he’s wearing shining, silver armor, and a cape with birds on it.

The knight’s horse gallops over the same rocky hill and passed the same trees in the wind that the page stood on. Nothing is going to stop the Knight of Swords, and that’s his hallmark: single-minded, obsessive zeal for an idea that he absolutely must see through, come Hell or high water.

The Knight of Swords is brash, outspoken, and smart as a whip. He’s cocky about it; he knows he’s good, and he knows he can outsmart everyone around him. This is what’s most important to him. Anyone who dares to get in his way is trampled with cold, hard, logic. This isn’t one to stop and consider the feelings of others. This isn’t one who really cares about what anyone else thinks or feels.

Enthusiasm is needed to get something new underway, and often, when one has a unique idea, they’re the only person they can rely on to get it underway, and sometimes, enthusiasm is just a cover for the fear of failure and humiliation when one fails. After all, when doing something untested and theoretical, one has to go at it alone with the eyes of the world watching them.

When the Knight of Swords is Reversed:

When the Knight of Swords is reversed, the querent is chomping at the bit but doesn’t have the focus or the courage to see things through. They’re still at least partially concerned with what others think, and they second-guess themselves. The querent is disorganized and unfocused, expending energy just to expend it. The querent ends up exhausted, with little to show for his activity.

The Knight of Swords reversed can also mean the querent is afraid to follow through on their ideas, or that someone or something powerful is actively getting in their way. The querent is trying to charge ahead but can’t surmount the obstacle, so they keep pushing instead of finding a way around, and they push until something breaks and lets them loose.

In a three-card reading, this card means…

Past: In the past, the querent was a force to be reckoned with, obsessively following an idea, and this has brought them to the present time.

Present: Right now, the querent is an intellectual juggernaut, bursting forth with an idea and cutting down any opposition.

Future: In the future, the querent is going to be inspired to chase a dream or idea down, letting nothing get in their way.