The Chariot

Tarot Card Meaning:The Chariot

The Chariot depicts A determined man with a strong chin and armor of blue, gold, and black. There are the colors of spirituality, success, and seriousness, respectively. He has the moon on each shoulder, one smiling and one scowling. His crown has a six-pointed star, and his hair is orange. He holds a baton in his right hand, like The Magician. His chariot is covered with a cloth of stars, as he still has his mind on higher things. His black tunic is covered in alchemical symbols.

Behind him is the wall of a great city, and a river, and woods. He is one man riding alone, out of the woods, over the river. One individual, with two sphinxes at his feet, one black, and one white, his own man who moves by the power of his own will.

The Chariot is moving forward. He is guided by his spiritual wisdom, with his intuition helping to guide. This is his own journey, propelled by his own will. In a way, he’s like The Fool grown up. He’s looking where he’s going. He’s polished, wise, and strong-willed.

In a tarot card reading, the Chariot represents the mastery of the will, body and the mind. Whereas The Magician represents mastery of what is outside a person, The Chariot represents mastery of what is inside. It represents where the client or querent will find victory, success, and personal achievement.

This card also shows where the querent is naturally strong or strong-minded. This is where they can bravely go at it alone to achieve what they want. The querent is likely capable or ready for a new adventure or endeavor.

The Chariot also indicates when and where a querent is bold and brave or when and where they should be brave. This card indicates where the querent has to advocate for themselves, and where they have to rely on their own resources in order to become successful. They lean on no one, and no one leans on them.

This is where the querent is their own cheerleader, so to speak: they work hard but not for praise or approval. They forgo these things in order to achieve something much greater.

When Reversed:

When reversed, The Chariot card can indicate cowardice, lack of focus, lack of will, and too much reliance on other people. It can show where a person is too focused on external indicators of success. If the querent is too materialistic and attached to status symbols, or if they are too needy of approval, then this card indicates where they’re like that.

The Chariot reversed can show where a person is afraid to make it on their own. This may mean that they’ll stay in relationships that are no good but give them a sense of being in a comfortable rut.

It can also indicate where a person needs to focus or turn around and go back. A sacrifice has to be made, but the querent refuses to do it, and therefore, will achieve nothing.

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