Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords:

Suit: Swords
Element: Air
Function: Intellect, the mind,truth, objectivity

The Queen of Swords is more like a goddess, raising her hand to the sky and looking forward, as if addressing the crowd. Perhaps she is making a proclamation, a decision, or is imparting wisdom to her people. In the distance, there are trees blowing in the wind, but to billowing clouds are still, and the land is smooth. There is water running behind her. She wears blue and white, the colors of thought, serenity, and purity. Her head and feet and covered in red, the color of passion. She thinks with passion, and she moves with it, too. Her robe is the pattern of a cloudy sky.

The Queen of Swords is serene. With water meeting land, there’s a chance that something may grow. She wears a crown of butterflies, symbolizing transformation. Her stone thrown has an angel and butterflies carved into it. The angel symbolizes the impartial nature of the Sword: it is the messenger. It takes a clear mind, and a clear conscience. The Queen of Swords also wears meditation beads, showing her ability to focus.

The Queen of Swords is the exaltation of the mental faculties and intellectual ability. It is not tainted by emotion – or by ego –when she shares her thoughts and makes her decisions. It isn’t cold, and it isn’t without consideration of others, but she is fair. She doesn’t rely on anyone to do her thinking, and she never lets anyone else tell her what to think. Her mind is her own. No apologies. No hedging. No softening or asking for permission to be herself. The Queen of Swords is sharp, witty, and can cut to the bone if challenged.

The Queen of Swords is about having one’s own mind and speaking it as it is, using one’s unique intellectual gifts to charm, persuade, and move others. It’s about having quiet confidence in one’s own learning and experience. It’s about being confident that one can use and apply this in the world and to their own benefit. The Queen of Swords has nothing to prove to anyone else. And, chances are, people love her as she is and look to her to put to words what they’re too afraid to say.

When the Queen of Swords is Reversed:

When the Queen of Swords is reversed, the querent is giving up or has lost their mental and intellectual strength and independence. The querent may be insecure, scared, and unsure of themselves when making decisions or communicating. They may allow others to do all of their thinking for them, and they follow the crowd, wherever it’s going. They don’t lead, and they certainly don’t go at it alone.

The Queen of Swords reversed can also mean that the querent isn’t honest or diplomatic. The querent is anything but regal: the may be evasive, passive-aggressive, sarcastic, or just downright nasty when speaking to people. It’s also possible that the querent is not doing much thinking at all, but reacting, making decisions based on fleeting emotions and not on rational thought.

In a three-card reading, this card means…

Past: In the past, the querent found confidence in their own intellect and rational mind and used it well.

Present: Currently, the querent is remaining objective, fair, rational, and intelligent in their decisions.

Future: In the future, the querent will develop confidence in their own independent mind and let that lead the way.

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